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Wondering what possibilities our GPPH traditional welding tables offer? Traditional welding tables are divided into four unique series: EXPERT, PRO, PLUS and ECO, each in up to 10 different size versions. Traditional welding tables are made of high-quality S355J2+N steel, which provides them with exceptional strength, durability and resistance. Learn about their characteristics and applications to perfectly match your welding station to your needs.

The EXPERT series is a guarantee of performance and durability in any application. The load capacity of this model reaches an impressive 1000 kg per leg, making it the ideal partner for working with large and heavy structures. The 25 mm thick table top with dense ribbing is a solid base, ensuring stability and resistance to deformation. The EXPERT series welding table was primarily created with ...

Of heavy-duty structures. It is ideal for advanced welding and metalworking projects where exceptional strength and precision are required.

The PRO series stands out for its excellent load capacity, offering as much as 700 kg of load per leg. This series is an excellent choice for professional applications where precision and durability are key. The PRO tables are perfect for both manual and robotic welding, ensuring that structures are completed with the highest accuracy, without the need for correction.

The PLUS series is the perfect combination of performance and versatility, offering a load capacity of 500 kg per leg. These tables are versatile and will work well in a variety of applications, giving you the flexibility to carry out a variety of welding jobs. The PLUS series is a great choice for both smaller workshops and larger productions where reliability and efficiency are key.

The ECO series is the ideal choice for those who need a robust table with a load capacity of 250 kg per leg, while maintaining an affordable price. The ECO series tables are ideal for smaller welding projects where precision is required and parts are not extremely heavy. This series offers excellent value for money, delivering performance and durability without overtaxing your budget.

All welding tables in the EXPERT, PRO, PLUS and ECO series provide ergonomic and fast work, while maintaining the highest precision and repeatability of the constructions performed. In addition, versions are available with feet on feet or on wheels, giving you the freedom to choose which solution best suits your preferences and needs.

With different hole systems, i.e. fi 28 mm in 100x100 mm grid, fi 28 mm in diagonal grid, fi 16 mm in 100x100 mm grid, fi 16 mm in diagonal grid and fi 16 mm in 50x50 mm grid, our traditional GPPH welding tables will provide you with maximum versatility and flexibility in your work. Choose the right series and dimensions to enjoy the reliability and quality of our welding tables.

Where to use

The traditional GPPH welding tables are widely used in a variety of jobs and industries due to their versatility and reliability. Here are some examples where these tables can be used:

  • Metal industry: GPPH welding tables are ideal for welding and assembling metal structures such as pipes, frames, profiles, machine components, steel structures, etc. The high load-bearing capacity of the tables makes it possible to work with large and heavy structures.
  • Construction: In the construction industry, welding tables are used to join metal components in the construction of buildings, bridges, industrial halls and other infrastructures.
  • Defence industry: In the manufacture and assembly of equipment and structures used in the defence industry, welding tables are a reliable tool to ensure the durability and strength of the manufactured structures needed for military and defence operations.
  • Energy industry: GPPH welding tables are used in production and repair of energy structures such as turbines, generators, pipelines, etc.
  • Transport industry: In the automotive and rail industry, welding tables are used to manufacture and repair vehicles, wagons, frames and other metal components.
  • Machinery and equipment manufacturing: Welding tables are essential for the production of various types of machinery, equipment, tools and other metal products.
  • Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, welding tables are used for welding fuselage structures, wings, engines and other aerospace-related components.
  • Marine industry: welding tables are used in the manufacture and repair of marine structures such as ships, oil rigs and tanks.
  • Automotive: In the production and assembly of components used in the automotive industry, welding tables guarantee precision in the creation of chassis, frames and other vehicle components.
  • Electronics industry: In the production and assembly of electronic devices, welding tables are used to create precise and durable housings, mountings and other components.
  • Furniture industry: In the manufacture of furniture and furniture structures, welding tables are used to join and weld components, ensuring the durability and aesthetics of the furniture.

With a variety of sizes and hole system options, GPPH's traditional welding tables can be adapted to different tasks and requirements in a wide range of industries. Their robust construction, stability and precision make them an indispensable tool for professional welders and metal fabricators.


Our GPPH traditional welding tables are distinguished by a number of unique features that make them a reliable tool for professional welders. These tables are made from the heavy-duty material S355J2+N in accordance with ISO 2768-1, ensuring high durability and structural strength.

Each table top is equipped with an engraved scale, which provides a reference point when laying out structures and assembling tools. Thanks to this graduation, welders can precisely position their constructions to achieve the necessary dimension, resulting in excellent weld quality.

An important element of the traditional GPPH welding tables is the dense ribbing, which provides perfectly flat working surface. The ribs, spaced at 400 mm intervals on average, combined with the solid and rigid tabletop substructure, guarantee maximum stability during use and protect against deformation, which is particularly important when working with large and heavy structures.

In addition, the GPPH welding tables have side walls with a height of 200 mm, made to a deviation tolerance of ±0.3°, which ensures precise and repeatable results when welding.

With these advanced features and excellent build quality, the GPPH traditional welding tables are a versatile tool that is used in a wide variety of industries and welding jobs. Regardless of the complexity of the project or the precision required in the work, these tables not only provide efficiency and precision, but also long-lasting reliability, which is invaluable in professional welding applications.


The traditional GPPH welding tables are unique tools that offer many advantages and benefits due to their technical parameters.

The tabletop flatness tolerance is a key aspect of these tables. In the ECO series, it reaches ±0.5 mm, which guarantees a stable and precise surface for your welded parts. In the PLUS, PRO and EXPERT series, on the other hand, the tolerance is even higher at ±0.3 mm, ensuring a perfectly flat working surface without unnecessary distortion.

All series of traditional GPPH welding tables are equipped with three rows of holes in the side walls. This gives you the ability to attach ...

additional tools and accessories, which increases your work efficiency. The thickness of the tabletop is different in each series. In the ECO series it is 8 mm, in the PLUS series it is 12 mm, in the PRO series it is 15 mm, and in the EXPERT series it is as thick as 25 mm.

Another advantage of the EXPERT, PRO and PLUS series tables are the milled and chamfered holes and the chamfered holes on the underside. This ensures easy and precise adjustment of tool clamping. Hole tolerance is also an important element. In the ECO series it is ±0.1 mm, while in the EXPERT, PRO and PLUS series it is only +0.05 mm. This guarantees perfect fit and precision in tool mounting.

The profile of the design of the legs is another feature that affects the stability and load-bearing capacity of the table. The ECO series has legs with a profile of 60x60x4 mm, the PLUS series has 80x80x4 mm, the PRO series has 100x100x4 mm, and the EXPERT series has 120x120x4 mm. This is a solid and sturdy construction that will hold heavy welded parts.

The load capacity of the tables is an important parameter. The ECO series offers 250 kg load capacity per leg, the PLUS series - 500 kg, the PRO series - 700 kg, and the EXPERT series - an impressive 1000 kg per leg. This means that you can safely work with large and heavy structures without worrying about the stability of the table.

Each of the GPPH series of traditional welding tables has up to 10 different size versions, allowing you to perfectly tailor the table to your individual needs. This means that no matter the size of your projects, you will find the right version of table to work efficiently and accurately.






Tolerance on flatness for a table (on the whole worktop)*±0,5 mm±0,3 mm±0,3 mm±0,3 mm
Three grids of holes on the 4 sides
Table top thickness8 mm12 mm15 mm25 mm
Chamfered and milled holes
Chamfered holes from bottom
Holes manufacturing tolerance±0,1 mm+0,05 mm+0,05 mm+0,05 mm
Leg profile60x60x4 mm80x80x4 mm100x100x4 mm120x120x4 mm
Capacity250 kg/leg500 kg/leg700 kg/leg1000 kg/noga
Nośność całkowita w przypadku stołu z 4 nogami1000 kg2000 kg2800 kg4000 kg
Nośność całkowita w przypadku stołu z 6 nogami1500 kg3000 kg4200 kg6000 kg
Nośność całkowita w przypadku stołu z 8 nogami2000 kg4000 kg5600 kg8000 kg
Milled table top edges
Number of dimensional versions10 versions10 versions10 versions10 versions


In the GPPH range of traditional welding tables, you will find a variety of sizes that will allow you to perfectly adapt the workstation to your needs. Our tables come in the following dimensions: 3000x1480 mm*, 2400x1200 mm, 2000x1000 mm, 1500x1480 mm, 1500x1000 mm, 1200x1200 mm, 1200x1000 mm, 1200x800 mm, 1000x1000 mm, 1000x600 mm.

Smaller in size, they are great for precision welding work where accuracy and special attention is required. These compact tables will enable you to focus on fine details and will provide adequate ergonomics when performing welds. They are particularly attractive for smaller workshops where space may be limited.

*The 3000x1480 mm welding table consists of two connected tables of 1500x1480 mm

The larger table sizes, on the other hand, are ideal for large and demanding welding projects. Thanks to the generous work surface, you will be able to work freely with large and heavy structures, increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Whether you need a table for precise small jobs or extensive projects, our traditional GPPH welding tables in a variety of sizes will provide you with optimal working conditions and excellent quality for your constructions.

System and grid

Wondering what systems and hole grids traditional welding tables have? Our range is diverse and will allow you to tailor a bench to your individual needs. Do you need a versatile system, perfect for both larger structures and precision work? Or are you interested in options that provide more ergonomics for your workstation and more places to hold tools?

Whatever your requirements, you'll find the perfect solution to enjoy the efficiency and quality of traditional GPPH welding tables. EXPERT series welding tables come in ⌀28 mm hole system in 100x100mm or diagonal grid, while PRO, PLUS and ECO series tables come in ⌀28 mm hole system in 100x100 and diagonal grid or ⌀16 mm hole system in 50x50 mm, 100x100 mm and diagonal grid.

  • The ⌀28mm hole system in 100x100mm grid - this is the most versatile system, ideal for larger, heavier welded structures. It is ideal for working with large workpieces, providing convenient and efficient tool holding. This system is versatile and will work well for any type of welding job.
  • A ⌀16mm hole system in a 100x100mm grid - perfect for lighter and more precise work, as well as smaller structures. It is very popular in robotic welding workstations where precise toolholding is essential for excellent welding results.
  • A ⌀16mm or ⌀28mm hole system in a diagonal grid - this system offers similar capabilities to the ⌀16mm and ⌀ 28mm systems in a 100x100mm grid, but the additional holes give greater flexibility and toolholding options. An excellent choice for specific projects and diverse needs.
  • The ⌀16mm hole system in a 50x50mm grid - is the ideal solution, offering even more ergonomics to your workstation. Equipped with more holes, it will provide more places to attach tools, allowing you to do your job more efficiently.

Whether you're working on large projects or precise details, our traditional GPPH welding tables with a variety of systems and hole grids will help you tailor your workstation to your individual needs. High build quality, durability and a variety of options are our guarantee that you will find the perfect solution for your welding tasks.


The robust ribbing in traditional GPPH welding tables is a key element that contributes to their reliability, flatness and stability.

Thanks to the ribs in the tabletop substructure, the traditional GPPH welding tables ensure perfect flatness of the working surface. This eliminates the risk of point deformation, ensuring stability and consistent working geometry. An even table surface enables precise and efficient welding and assembly, which is extremely important in professional welding applications.
The robust ribbing makes the GPPH tables extremely durable and resistant to intensive use. This guarantees that the tables will hold up its properties over a long period of time, regardless of the intensity of the work, which translates into savings and reliability in everyday use.

The robust ribbing also contributes to the exceptional durability and resistance of GPPH tables to long-term use. This feature ensures that the tables maintain their properties for many years, which translates into savings and reliability in everyday use.

The ribbing in traditional GPPH welding tables is a key factor in their exceptional flatness and stability. This solution enables precise welding and assembly, eliminating the risk of distortion and ensuring reliability over many years of use. GPPH tables with solid ribbing are an indispensable tool for professional welders who value excellent quality and efficiency in their work.

Ribbing of traditional welding tables

FEM analysis

The use of a linear rib distribution, where there is one rib for every 400mm of side length, allows for an even distribution of stresses. As a result, the welding table structure maintains stability and does not succumb to point deformations.

FEM analysis PRO


GPPH's range of traditional welding tables includes different leg variants. Depending on the series of tables, we offer the following profile sizes:

  • EXPERT series - legs made of 120x120x4 mm profile;
  • PRO series - legs made of 100x100x4 mm profile;
  • PLUS series - legs made of 80x80x4 mm profile;
  • ECO series - legs made of 60x60x4 mm profile.

GPPH welding table legs are available with feet and with wheels. The foot provides reliable support, keeping the table top even and stable, allowing ...

focus on performing precision welding and assembly. Thus, tables with feet provide a solid and reliable base for professional welders and do-it-yourselfers.

Alternatively, we offer welding tables with legs on wheels. This is an excellent option for those who need mobility and flexibility in workspace organisation. The wheels allow the table to be easily moved around the workshop, making work more efficient. In addition, the wheels are equipped with a locking mechanism that keeps the table in a stable position during welding or assembly.

Whether you choose a version with feet or on wheels, GPPH welding tables are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. With a variety of options, our tables will adapt to your needs and allow you to work efficiently in any location or situation.

Zestawienie nóg w stołach tradycyjnych EXPERT, PRO, PLUS i ECO

Side walls

What are the main advantages of the side walls in our welding tables? First and foremost, they allow you to easily enlarge the working area with the installation of extensions or connection cubes. This makes it possible to work on larger welded parts more comfortably and efficiently. In addition, on the side walls, as well as on the table top, you can mount flat and spatial tools, which form the base for your welded constructions.

An additional advantage is that mobile tool shelves can be hung on the side walls. This allows tools to be appropriately stored in one place, which increases tidiness at the workstation. Sidewalls therefore provide excellent support for workspace organisation, which enhances efficiency and convenience.

Welding tables with side walls are not only an excellent solution for enlarging the working area, but they also allow you to create a functional base for your welded parts and ensure that your work area stays tidy. It is the ideal tool for professional welders who value comfort, organisation and efficiency in their daily work.

Fast assembly bolts

The ECO/PLUS 19-22 fast assembly bolts in ⌀16mm are the ideal solution dedicated to DIY welding and assembly tables. Their unique features and advantages make them indispensable in the assembly and welding process.

The main advantage of these fast assembly bolts is the ease and speed of installation. They can be fitted easily and efficiently into the holes of the tool table, allowing the welding station to be prepared in no time. This is particularly important for frequent tool changes and quick transitions between different projects.

If you want to assemble your tools quickly and securely, the classic quick-assembly bolts are the best solution. These arbors allow you to connect tools to each other or to fix them to the table top in no time. They will save you time and increase the efficiency of your work.

The ECO/PLUS 19-22 fast assembly bolts in the ⌀16mm system ensure stable and secure tool clamping. Their precision manufacture guarantees rigidity and accurate tool positioning, which will translate into excellent welding and machining quality.

The benefits of using these fast assembly bolts are invaluable to any professional welder. They eliminate the risk of misalignment and loose fitting, allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about quality and precision.

They make assembly and welding more efficient, and the whole process goes faster and more smoothly.

Fast assembly bolts for ECO welding tables


Our traditional GPPH welding tables are also available in stainless steel grade 1.4301, the PRO INOX and PLUS INOX series. These robust and durable tables are ideal for a wide variety of jobs and industries. Their special design ensures corrosion resistance and they are therefore the ideal choice for applications where high welding quality and hygiene are required, such as in the food, pharmaceutical, medical or chemical industries. Both models of the PRO INOX and PLUS INOX tables are reliable tools for precision welding tasks, ensuring not only performance but also long-lasting durability under intensive use.

INOX Welding tables

Stainless steel covers

Did you know that you can also have an excellent stainless steel welding surface while saving on costs? Our stainless steel cover for traditional 1 mm thick welding tables is an extremely cost-effective option compared to full-size stainless tables.

Transform your traditional welding table into an ideal one for stainless steel welding - simply apply the cover to it. You don't lose the functionality of your table, and you gain even more possibilities. This extremely easy-to-use overlay fits perfectly into the hole pattern of GPPH welding tables, providing you with a reliable base for precision work.

Maintain flexibility in your workshop space by investing in our stainless steel cover. With this solution, you are free to work with both stainless materials and black steel without sacrificing weld quality and precision. Your projects gain new possibilities without the need for a large investment.


Achieve the highest precision when working on traditional GPPH welding tables with our milled tools dedicated to each welding table series. You'll use tools from the EXPERT series to work on the EXPERT series tables, you'll use tools from the PRO series, and you'll use tools from the PLUS and ECO series welding tables. With them, you'll be able to make any flat and spatial construction at a fast pace, without losing accuracy!

Use our milled tools to create a functional working environment for making repetitive flat and spatial structures. Check out the ready-made tool sets for traditional welding tables to make your work easier.

Tool trolleys

Get rid of the clutter and focus on efficient work with our tool trolleys! With them, all your tools and accessories will be within easy reach.

Forget about wasting time searching chaotically for tools. Our small tool trolley allows you to stay organised and keep everything in one place.

Need even more space? Our large tool trolley is the perfect solution for you! It will accommodate even the most demanding tool sets and provide intuitive organisation.

GPPH tool trolleys are an indispensable tool that will improve the quality of your work and save time. Order at your workplace will be your ally!

Get a head start with GPPH tool trolleys and enjoy a well-organised workspace that contributes to your success! Choose quality and see how tidiness affects your performance!


Take care of the longevity of your grinding and welding station. Use GPPH CHEM's professional chemicals for proper care and protection to keep it always in top shape.

Protector is an anti-scratch concentrate that will create a long-lasting protective layer, effectively protecting against welding spatter and corrosion. HD Cleaner, on the other hand, a highly concentrated cleaning fluid, perfectly removes heavy dirt, leaving the table surface in impeccable condition.

Thanks to GPPH CHEM's professional products, your grinding and welding station will be in excellent condition, contributing to greater working efficiency and long-lasting use of this reliable equipment. Provide your stand with proper care and enjoy its durability and high quality for many years!


welding tables


Traditional welding table PRO with structure

Welding Tables


Stainless welding table PLUS INOX with structure

Modular welding tables


Modular welding table

Welding Tables


Lifting welding table XWT
Lifting welding tabke XWT INOX

welding and assembly tables

Work efficiently and precisely when creating flat and spatial structures with our tools and accessories for welding tables.

Choose ready-made tool sets or compose your own set and gain an improvement in your daily work.

tools for welding tables
tools for welding tables
Welding chemistry
GPPH CHEM - Protector


GPPH CHEM - HD Cleaner


Welding table care is the key to its long life. Choose GPPH CHEM professional chemicals and enjoy effective work for many years.

Achieve perfect organisation with our small tool trolley that allows you to have all your tools within easy reach.

Tool trolleys for welding tables

Achieve perfect organisation with our small tool trolley that allows you to have all your tools within easy reach.

Need even more capacity? Our large tool trolley will accommodate even the most extensive tool sets. Everything will be organised and ready to use.

Tool trolleys

Our innovative grinding and welding stations effectively eliminate dust and gases generated during grinding and welding work. They work together with an extractor or filter fan, effectively improving the air quality around the workstation.

They will help you achieve greater efficiency in your work, focusing on excellent results.

SOG grinding and welding stations