Welding Tables

Our welding tables are more than welding equipment, they are support that transforms your work, taking it to a whole new, better level. It's thoughtful ergonomics that make work more enjoyable and precise. With additional tooling, welding becomes faster and more efficient, resulting in savings and increased profits.

We are aware that welders know their trade. Our Mission is to show them how to use the welding table to its full potential and make their work even more rewarding. Choose GPPH tables and change your welding reality!


Comfort and precision

Comfort and precision - these are the two main features that distinguish GPPH welding tables and tools. Our range is designed to provide welders with the ultimate in comfort. Thanks to the excellent design and workmanship of our products, work becomes extremely comfortable and welding achieves maximum precision.

The professional design and workmanship of the GPPH welding tables provide the comfort that every welder desires. Thanks to ergonomic solutions and a solid base, work becomes more comfortable and long hours spent at the tables cease to be tiring.

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Welding tables


Looking for solid welding tables with excellent performance? Here are the traditional welding tables from GPPH! They are available in four versions: EXPERT, PRO, PLUS and ECO, and each features impressive load capacities: EXPERT - 1000 kg per leg, PRO - 700 kg per leg, PLUS - 500 kg per leg and ECO - 250 kg per leg. Our traditional welding tables are tools created for professionals and hobbyists who value quality and efficiency in their work.

These reliable tables with robust side walls guarantee stability when welding, ensuring work is carried out precisely and safely. Choose the right size from the 10 available, fitting it perfectly to your needs.

PRO table with structure
Thickness of tops for XWT tables

Solid table ribbing

TWT Legs with wheels

Feature of TWT tables

Economical welding tables

We invite you to learn more about the GPPH SMART welding table series, the ideal choice for those looking for high quality solutions at an attractive price. These economical welding tables have been designed to deliver essential functions while keeping it simple and efficient, making them the perfect solution for hobbyists and smaller workshops.

The SMART series combines lightweight construction with ease of assembly and operation, allowing for quick set-up and easy relocation. Choose the GPPH SMART and experience efficient welding work with minimal expense.

Welding table of the GPPH SMART series

Stainless steel welding tables


Are you looking for the perfect welding tables for aluminium and stainless steel work? Our stainless steel welding tables in the PRO INOX and PLUS INOX series, made from grade 1.4301 steel, are the perfect solution for your needs. Thanks to their improved electrical conductivity, they ensure precise welding of these more difficult materials.

Discover INOX welding tables and raise your welding to a higher level of reliability and quality when working with aluminium and stainless steel! Choose from 10 different sizes of INOX welding tables the one that meets your requirements 100%.

Use of side walls in INOX tables
Robust INOX table ribbing
Feature of INOX tables
Detal stołu INOX

Lifting welding tables XWT

The XWT series of advanced welding tables with hydraulic lifting system are available in PRO, PLUS and ECO tabletop versions, each offering four dimensional versions to perfectly match your needs.

Our hydraulic table height adjustment provides not only convenience but also precision in adapting the table to your welding job. This allows you to easily adjust the height of the table to suit your specific job, achieving the optimum setting for comfort and efficiency. This solution allows you to conveniently and seamlessly adapt the table to the welder's height and preferences. Try our welding tables with hydraulic lifting system and enjoy not only productivity, but also full control over the height and positioning of the table during your work.

Liftin wedling table XWT with construction

Grubość blatów dla stołów XWT

XWT Table Pilot

Feature of XWT tables

XWT table lift

BSC welding and assembly tables

The BASIC welding and assembly table is ideal for both professionals and hobbyists who are looking for a reliable tool at an affordable price. This series of tables is characterised by the absence of side walls. Thanks to the wide range of dimensions and accessories available, the BASIC welding and assembly table can be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the user.

However, that is not all! Our BASIC series of welding and assembly tables also stands out as the perfect base for robotic welding workstations. Thanks to its robust and precise construction, this table provides the stability and precision needed for automated welding processes. Discover its versatility and exploit the full potential of this indispensable equipment in your workshop.

Welding and assembly table BASIC with construction

BASIC table thickness

BASIC table feature

BASIC table application

DIY welding
and assembly table

Check out our DIY welding and assembly table, designed to meet the diverse needs of welders. The 1200x800mm table top, robust and precise, with ⌀16 mounting holes in a 50x50mm grid and 100x100mm engraved graduations will take your welding and assembly work to a new level of efficiency and comfort. The robust ribbing will guarantee durability and stability.

This multi-purpose table will be perfect not only for welders, but also DIYers, carpenters, auto mechanics and as a support table for CNC machines. Get support when working in your workshop with the GPPH DIY welding and assembly table!

DIY table application
DIY table thickness
Features of DIY welding and assembly table
Features of DIY welding and assembly table

MWT modular welding tables

Are you looking for the perfect welding table that adapts to your needs? Do you dream of a tool that guarantees precision and comfort when working? Here is the answer: the GPPH modular welding tables from the MWT series.

With their adjustable table top consisting of milled, sliding plates 15 mm thick, you will achieve the ideal base for free welding. The design of our modular tables allows you to increase the number of tool fixing points in the gaps between the tabletop plates. Discover a new dimension of professional welding with our modular welding tables!

Modular welding table application example
Thickness of MWT tables
Details of the GPPH modular table
Details of the GPPH modular table
Details of the GPPH modular table - side walls

Grinding and welding station SOG

Our state-of-the-art grinding and welding stations capture and remove the dust and gases that are generated during grinding with a hand-held grinder or welding and welding work. They work together with an extractor fan or filter unit to ensure efficient air purification.

With our grinding and welding workstations, your work will become more efficient and you will be able to focus on achieving the best results. Check out our range and choose the right stand for your needs!

SOG grinding and welding stations
Table top thickness - SOG
Application of SOG

Accessories and TOOLS

Discover our extensive range of tools and accessories dedicated to welding tables. You will find a wide range of tools for welding tables, practical tool trolleys and functional mobile tool shelves.

We believe that efficient work requires the right tools, so our products are designed to keep you comfortable and organised in your daily tasks. Whether you're a professional welder or a hobbyist, our tools and accessories will help you complete great projects.

M tool trolley with tools
Tool trolley
Tool trolley
Tool trolley
Tool trolley


Looking for effective solutions to clean and protect your welding tables? GPPH CHEM offers two extremely effective products: HD Cleaner, an alkaline cleaning fluid, and Protector, an anti-scratch concentrate with corrosion inhibitors. Both products are free of silicones and oil compounds in the formulation.

GPPH CHEM is not only about products, it is about ensuring that welding tables remain in perfect condition and that welding becomes even easier and more satisfying for welders. Bet on our chemistry and convince yourself of the quality of our solutions!

We invite you to visit the GPPH SHOWROOM. Make an appointment with our sales department!

welding tables


Traditional welding table PRO with structure

stoły spawalnicze


Stainless welding table PLUS INOX with structure

Modular welding tables


Modular welding table

Welding Tables


Lifting welding table XWT
Lifting welding tabke XWT INOX

welding and assembly tables

Work efficiently and precisely when creating flat and spatial structures with our tools and accessories for welding tables.

Choose ready-made tool sets or compose your own set and gain an improvement in your daily work.

tools for welding tables
tools for welding tables
Welding chemistry
GPPH CHEM - Protector


GPPH CHEM - HD Cleaner


Welding table care is the key to its long life. Choose GPPH CHEM professional chemicals and enjoy effective work for many years.

Achieve perfect organisation with our small tool trolley that allows you to have all your tools within easy reach.

Tool trolleys for welding tables

Achieve perfect organisation with our small tool trolley that allows you to have all your tools within easy reach.

Need even more capacity? Our large tool trolley will accommodate even the most extensive tool sets. Everything will be organised and ready to use.

Tool trolleys

Our innovative grinding and welding stations effectively eliminate dust and gases generated during grinding and welding work. They work together with an extractor or filter fan, effectively improving the air quality around the workstation.

They will help you achieve greater efficiency in your work, focusing on excellent results.

SOG grinding and welding stations

Welding station


WELDSTATION Welding Station

Octagonal welding tables


Welding supports


TRESTLE welding support with EXPERT cube
Economical welding tables

Discover the economical GPPH SMART line of welding tables, created for users who need robust and functional solutions but do not require the advanced features offered by professional welding tables.