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With Traditional Welding Tables

Welding table provides fast and error-free options for machining a simple 2d-construction (e.g. building of railings), but above all, precise work on objects with a larger number of dimensions.

Traditional welding tables PRO, PLUS and ECO on the podium.

our tables?

We think outside the box, and the results are easilyseen in our creative solutions. We believe thateverything we do challenges the "status quo." Wechange the world by helping other companies tobecome stronger. It just so happens that weproduce excellent welding tools, which are not onlyuser-friendly but also beautifully designed. Ourmutual respect and pursuit of the highest goalsresult in cooperation with the best specialists in theindustry around the world.

Comparison of the versions

of welding tables





Perfect flatness of the table

Calibrated holes

Produced with standard ISO 2768–1

Three grids of holes on the 4 sides


8 [mm] 12 [mm] 15 [mm]

Chamfered/milled holes

Legs profile

60x60 [mm] 80x80 [mm] 100x100 [mm]

Milled worktop edges


250 [kg/leg] 500 [kg/leg] 700 [kg/leg]

Number of dimensional versions

10 versions 10 versions 10 versions
What steel is the

welding table

made of?

Welding tables that are on the market are mostly made of constructional steel S355J2+N, which is not hardened or nitrided! According to the opinion of many specialists with whom we have had the opportunity to discuss this topic, nitriding has a negligible effect on the properties of steel S355J2+N. Therefore, we offer a specific product at a reasonable price without marketing tricks.!

We do not pickle the metal sheet to obtain even color because this process makes the table top bright. The flash can bounce off the table during welding, making it difficult to work efficiently. We do not cover our tables with paints, because it makes the surface of the tables difficult to conduct. Our tables are coated with an oil-based preparation that protects them during transport and first use. We recommend using anti-spattering agents.

We use a carefully selected steel. Depending on the batch, it may appear in shades of blue and dark grey. It is natural to have different shades on one sheet - this is due to the technological process in the steelworks and does not affect its quality or structure.
Demonstration structure mounted on the Traditional Welding Table PRO.

Modular single unfoldable welding table
Check for

Modular welding tables

from our offer

Modular welding table is the best option when it comes to precise work on objects with a larger number of dimensions. In addition to the simplified production of individual items, it also has the advantage in serial production. Time-consuming work, such as measurement and exact angle arrangement of individual parts is significantly simplified and reproducible.

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